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GO TO THE MESSAGE BOARD LINK BELOW: You can there ANONYMOUSLY give your REAL opinions about what is going on in YORK,PA!!!!! OR ANYWHERE ELSE!!! YOUR HOME TOWN, WHATEVER. You can give your opinions about whatever you want whether about Charlie Robertson's arrest or anything else. ... Make copies of this and send them to anyone who writes letters to the editor and anyone else. There is NO editor here to turn you down if he doesn't like what you have to say AND you can be anonymous!!!!!! How many letters to the editor do the newspapers print each day? There is NO limit here and the more you spread this the more will see it and all your letters will remain on it. So you'll get your word out eventually. NOTE: You can always get an extra anonymous free email from http://www.hotmail.com or http://www.excite.com.

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Monday Feb 16, 2004: In towns where there are TWO competing newspapers, like York was before the JOA, they always have large PROFESSIONAL message boards for their readers. But in towns where there is a monopoly they don't have to offer readers anything extra. So we now at least have this little thing...

Friday. MAY 2, 2003... If you ever surf the web you will have noted that every town that has COMPETING newspapers has at least one city message board yet in every town where there is a newspaper monopoly there is NO message board. Here in York,Pa the two papers have a COMMON POT for their money so neither wants the other to lose any as they both split what they both make. Newspaper editors like to EDIT. That means that THEY and only THEY can determine what is permissible or not and how often you may write. ........PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A ONE DAY SHOT. YOU CAN PERMANENTLY PUT A LETTER ON RECORD HERE. HOW MANY THAT SEE IT IS UP TO YOU AS YOU CAN TELL THEM OF THIS THE SAME WAY YOU LEARNED OF IT. AND YOU CAN INVITE THOSE WHOSE WRITINGS YOU LIKE BEST!!!! Tell others about this site. Send them copies of the webpage code so they can type it in. Send them to people who write letters to the editor. Or to anyone else. You can do it anonymously.

Newspaper stories, THE YORK DISPATCH, WEDNESDAY, JULY 11, 2001: Gunman acquitted in slaying,,,,, Congregation will rebuild after lightning fire,,,,, York International Job Cut Risk up to 190,,,,, Ripken named MVP in All-Star Game,,,,, City gets new neighborhood liaison,,,,, New Pa. House seat likely in York area,,,,, Bible study flap, Prison policy stands (vs Jehovah's Witnesses),,,,, CYS worker blasts shelter,,,,, 6 day mail survives,,,,, Community leader Ruthe Craley leaving York,,,,, whites have incorrect beliefs of blacks,,,,, Anti-gay-marriage initiative proposed,,,,, Man must place roses at graves,,,,, GET YOUR PAPER and refer to it HERE!!! Pass this web-address on,,,,,...

HERE ARE SOME THINGS YOU CAN RANT ABOUT WITHOUT MEDIA EDITOR BIAS: Amish, anti-smoking, Amercians with disabilities act, atlantic city, adult book stores, ACLU, AIDS, The Avenues, agnostics, "African-Americans", Atheism, Aftrican Rhodesia, almost all blocks german in 1960, absentee landlords, african aids plague, atheism, A&Ps, abortions/demonstrations, articles of confederation, american revolution, apple hill clinic, a&p by bill penn, "Asians",..... ..... ...... born-again christians, bandstands, burys bugers, gw bush and Viet draft, barracuda jackets, blind mans newstand in post office 40 yrs ago, big brother, bob dole, britney spears, blacks vote 95% democrat, bear arms, banks, buses, before the malls, bike paths, braases tremont, big 33 game, backyards, bon ton, bob knight, brooklyn depot college bar, bodybuilding, bears place, bookland demise, baltimore ravens, borders books, before us 30, blizzard of 1966, basketball, before I-83, baltimore CFL football team, ..... ..... chandra lvi and congressman, clinton and viet draft, catscans, cryogenics, catholics, chamber of commerce, creeks, county market, curfew, Channels 8, 15, 21, 27, 33, 43, cell phones, car chases, civil rights, caterpillar, codorus creeks, city elections, court houses: more and more, crabhouses in town, crime, chesapeake drainage, confederate flag, china, college expansions, crispus attucks, ,,,,, ..... Diversity, the Dog House, downtown york, divorces, dog fighting, draft above Phila/George, dating, downtown mcdonalds, dallastown, daily passenger trains through york, disney, disturbing the peace, delis, dinner trains , darrahs auto/fire, downtown post office, delco plaza, darna conger, dutch club, death penalty, dead firemen in NYC, driving with cell phone, drinking age, dna testing, driving age, draft cards, down syndrome, donut wars, DEA, ,,,,, ......, 2003: Police retirements, budget problems, drought, local naacp, oj simpson, race murder trials, penn state, Allen lawsuit, county taxes going up, county prison, losing jobs to foreign countries, brenners $3.32, shovel sidewalks,

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